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For more than 15 years, Luc Campeau has been one of French Canada's leading voice artists. With thousands of hours of recording studio experience under his belt, this vocal chameleon has been featured on innumerable advertisements (see his repertoire!). He has also participated in dozens of voice-over recordings for major animated productions, including Pixar and Disney films. His other activities include leading vocal groups and collaborating with copywriters to adapt English jingles into French.

Over the years, Luc has accompanied several Quebec and European artists at concert events, on television and in the recording studio as either a vocalist, chorus member or bassist.

An accomplished musician in his own right, he has produced several albums, including his own, TABOU. He has composed and arranged dozens of songs for Quebec artists, in addition to television theme songs. Luc has been invited by the Canadian Armed Forces to perform for troops stationed in the Middle East and Northern Canada, and he also leads a group of seven musicians who have performed more than 1,200 shows.
Workaholic? Maybe a little. Passionate artist? Definitely!
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